Maciej Buze

Research Associate

School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH14 4AS
United Kingdom

Office: Colin McLaurin Building T.03
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Research interests:
I use and develop tools in calculus of variations, bifurcation theory, numerical analysis, optimal transport, uncertainty quantification, approximation theory, and scientific GPU computing. Current applications include atomistic modelling of defects in crystalline materials, bottom-up approaches to the modelling of near-crack-tip plasticity, geometric modelling of microstructure in polycrystalline materials (with industrial partner, Tata Steel), and quantifying uncertainties when modelling materials with interatomic potentials. Specific topics include…

Mathematical aspects of materials science:

  • atomistic modelling of fracture and other crystal defects,
  • bottom-up approaches to near-crack-tip plasticity,
  • bottom-up approaches to grain boundaries,
  • geometric modelling of polycrystaline materials,
  • defect nucleation and propagation as a bifurcation phenomenon,
  • uncertainty quantification for interatomic potentials.

Optimal transportation theory:

  • various aspects of unbalanced optimal transport: entropic regularisation, generalised lifting theory, computation of barycenters
  • anisotropic power diagrams: GPU-accelerated efficient computation via (semi-) discrete optimal transport, with applications to polycrystalline modelling.